Spotted Spring

Long skirts and flowy tops can make anyone feel fabulous on a windy day. The knit skirt provides just enough warmth and comfort, while the silk blouse dresses up the outfit a bit.  This relaxed look is perfect to meet up with friends for brunch after that late night of partying!

Now that the weather is warming up, I can finally go to the high line. It’s amazing how they can combine something industrial with nature to create the perfect elevated park! It’s so modern, yet the history is always visible from the exposed railroad tracks. It’s so peaceful above the hectic NYC streets, yet you can’t completely ignore the honking taxis and all the people when you lean over the railing. Combining the hard and the soft always amounts to great things—leather and lace, sequins and studs, etc. So just keep that in mind for your next outfit ;)

Tucker by Gaby Basora blouse, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, vintage skirt

All photos by Dasha Shapovalova


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