So I went to Goodwill for the first time the other day because I recently found out there’s one near my apartment. Now I’m in love! Everything is so cheap! I usually go thrifting at the more “trendy” second hand stores like Beacon’s Closet, Housing Works, Buffalo Exchange, and Crossroads Trading Co. Their merchandise is more selective, so it’s easier to shop, but it’s a little pricey for used clothes. The Goodwill near me had a lot of larger sizes, and unfortunately, I’m smaller than the average human being. I would go back for tops and outerwear, because I can go over-sized for that.

This gorgeous jacket was actually a petite small. I love the clean silhouette; the shoulder pads and cropped style creates a slimming effect.

I was iffy about this lovely velvet floral shirt at first, but now I’m obsessed. My best friend’s exact words were, “looks like something my grandma has,” which actually made me kinda happy! I wish I could raid my grandma’s closet.

Anyway, this shirt is a dress on me, and the two slits on the side make it a little risqué. Paired with shredded tights and killer chunky heeled boots, it definitely would not be your grandma’s average shirt! The perfect night outfit, especially for this transitional weather.

This looks like a weird nurse’s outfit with the white vest inside. The vest confuses me because I can’t imagine it adding style to any decade.

But I adore these buttons!

OFF WITH THE VEST!! I just love the color of this jacket for spring, paired with nude pointed toe heels—to die for! It’s lightweight and just flows when you walk. Fully equipped with shoulder pads, this piece will definitely liven up an outfit.

And don’t you just love this pleating detail! Everyone should go support their local Goodwill.


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