Party Week Day 5: Champagne Shimmer

I am ending party week 2012 with a nice dinner outfit. This simply cut dress has some character with its sharp metallic shimmer. It’s an easy formal look, perfect for social events. This first impression shows that you are stylish without trying too hard.

I hope my Party Week series gave you some outfit ideas for this summer vacation. It has only just begun!

Vintage metallic dress, Quipid glitter heels, Tiffany & Co. earrings and necklace.

All photos by Dasha Shapovalova.


4 thoughts on “Party Week Day 5: Champagne Shimmer

  1. I have a similar Tiffany & Co. necklace! Everyone has the same Tiffany earrings! Doesn’t make me want them any less though haha. Have you seen the new Tiffany Rubedo collection? I really want sth from that collection for my 18th birthday!

  2. I can imagine the shimmer on the dress coz the picture didn’t capture that quite well I think. I’ve always wanted sth of that texture, but a different cut maybe, like a tight, fitted cut that wraps around your curves?

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