Thrifting in Williamsburg

Williamsburg is my favorite neighborhood to go thrift shopping because they have a variety of shops with a lot of good merchandise. I usually stop by Buffalo Exchange, Monk’s, Crossroads Trading Co, and my favorite, Beacon’s Closet.

Beacon’s Closet

The first time I went to the Williamsburg Beacon’s Closet, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of clothes they had. Thankfully they organize their clothes by color so it’s a pretty easy look through. I’m usually able to find some cool, unique pieces here too.

I was so happy to find these hot pants in my size! They’re comfy and I love the gold tone in this knit.

This dress has an elegant cut, but its material allows it to be worn casually. I was happy this was in my size, since it is a fitted dress. But the slit is what really got me!

I love the over-sized floral and bright pink color. It’s a sweet, but fun print. The silhouette reminds me of a peplum blouse, which is everywhere this season.

Buffalo Exchange

Buffalo Exchange doesn’t carry much vintage pieces, just second-hand. They’re great with keeping on-trend merchandise with pretty good prices.

I love a little twist to a basic T. The silky bodice can keep you comfortable and chic.

This dress was one of those “So cute, I have to have it!” purchases. It basically combines everything I like: lace, high-low skirt, open back, and my favorite clothing colors!

I hope this encourages everyone to visit their local thrift stores, or make a trip to Williamsburg! Just make sure you’re in the thrifting zone, because it does take a lot of patience and energy. It’s tedious to look through a bunch of old clothes, but it’ll be worth it when you find that cool vintage piece for a low price!


Party Week Day 5: Champagne Shimmer

I am ending party week 2012 with a nice dinner outfit. This simply cut dress has some character with its sharp metallic shimmer. It’s an easy formal look, perfect for social events. This first impression shows that you are stylish without trying too hard.

I hope my Party Week series gave you some outfit ideas for this summer vacation. It has only just begun!

Vintage metallic dress, Quipid glitter heels, Tiffany & Co. earrings and necklace.

All photos by Dasha Shapovalova.

Color Block Party

This is more of a subtle day-to-night take on this spring’s hot color block trend.

Add an extra pop to this trend by combining different textures. The warm velvet skirt with the light linen matches this spring weather perfectly.

I’ve over-worn these platforms, but it’s not my fault they match everything! Plus the metallic copper heel with my metallic silver skirt, I just couldn’t resist. Kill two birds with one stone by including metallics and color blocking in one outfit!

Asos crop top, Urban Outfitters urban renewel velvet mini, Goodwill jacket, Michael Kors platforms, Forever 21 and Pac Sun jewelry

Vintage Velvet Wallflower

This is the velvet sweater from my thrifting post; told you it wasn’t your grandma’s average sweater! This night outfit is warm and simple. Pull on some tights and lace spandex shorts and you’re ready to go! I love velvet and the subtle floral pattern is just the fudge on my sundae, the free shipping on my favorite online store.

I have a tendency to not leave the house before wrapping my limbs in chains and studs. The long necklace balances the crew neck, and a few statement rings add some edge to a simple sweater dress.

Goodwill sweater, Lucky Brand boots, H&M necklace (thanks adel), Rings from Forever 21 and Pac Sun

All photos by Dasha Shapovalova


So I went to Goodwill for the first time the other day because I recently found out there’s one near my apartment. Now I’m in love! Everything is so cheap! I usually go thrifting at the more “trendy” second hand stores like Beacon’s Closet, Housing Works, Buffalo Exchange, and Crossroads Trading Co. Their merchandise is more selective, so it’s easier to shop, but it’s a little pricey for used clothes. The Goodwill near me had a lot of larger sizes, and unfortunately, I’m smaller than the average human being. I would go back for tops and outerwear, because I can go over-sized for that.

This gorgeous jacket was actually a petite small. I love the clean silhouette; the shoulder pads and cropped style creates a slimming effect.

I was iffy about this lovely velvet floral shirt at first, but now I’m obsessed. My best friend’s exact words were, “looks like something my grandma has,” which actually made me kinda happy! I wish I could raid my grandma’s closet.

Anyway, this shirt is a dress on me, and the two slits on the side make it a little risqué. Paired with shredded tights and killer chunky heeled boots, it definitely would not be your grandma’s average shirt! The perfect night outfit, especially for this transitional weather.

This looks like a weird nurse’s outfit with the white vest inside. The vest confuses me because I can’t imagine it adding style to any decade.

But I adore these buttons!

OFF WITH THE VEST!! I just love the color of this jacket for spring, paired with nude pointed toe heels—to die for! It’s lightweight and just flows when you walk. Fully equipped with shoulder pads, this piece will definitely liven up an outfit.

And don’t you just love this pleating detail! Everyone should go support their local Goodwill.